I created Plant-Based Mary Jane from a personal use in treating my chronic pain from Achilles Tendonitis which became inflamed and swollen after working long 12-hour shifts as an ER nurse at a Level 1 trauma center.

I began to experiment with taking CBD medicinally and felt much more at ease doing my job. However, the more I learned, the more I saw that the prices for quality pain management through CBD was unattainable for most people. In fact, many were not even high-quality and instead, contained toxins or misleading amounts of CBD. 

In my quest for more knowledge, and to properly educate people about the amazing benefits of CBD. I became a cannabis nurse and formulated some of the best affordable and premium CBD products on the market with YOUR health and wellness challenges in mind.

I hope that when you land on Plant-Based Mary Jane and find out I’m a cannabis nurse you say ‘Wow! She is really about understanding ME.’ and someone who best understands you and your wellness journey.


Nurse Tracy, Founder and CEO

Plant-Based Mary Jane